Best Coast Wines was founded by two old friends, a winemaker and a sommelier, with an insatiable passion for wine and desire to craft versatile, food friendly wines for the table. 

We created our company when our co-founder and winemaker Grant Ebert had some great Zinfandel left over in the cellar, peacefully aging in oak barrels.  Once we tasted the wine, we knew that this hand-crafted Zinfandel was something special and needed to be shared.  Although Grant only had a small batch, we decided to bottle it and sell it to the world. 

We then met many more talented, independent winemakers throughout California and Washington that had small lots of great wine, which we could bottle and bring to our customers across the world. Today, we have a network of 10+ passionate wineries that we work with throughout California and Washington's many winegrowing regions.  Our wines are made by accomplished, inspired vintners, and are carefully selected straight from the barrels and blended by our winemaker, Grant Ebert. 

We specialize in small lot wines that highlight the fruit grown in each unique area.  Our passion continues to grow with each new vintage and each new story.  We hope you share our wines with friends and family as we do.


Grant Ebert // Winemaker

Grant’s passion for wine developed at an early age. As long as he can remember, wine has been on the family’s dinner table. Paired with his mother’s cooking and his father’s stories, he grew to understand the value of good wine and the important role that it plays in everyday life.

While pursuing a degree in agriculture at California Polytechnic University in San Luis Obispo, Grant was immersed in the vibrant Central Coast wine culture.  Immediately upon turning 21 years old, he took a harvest job at a local winery in the Edna Valley.  Grant fell in love with the land, the art of winemaking, and the people.

After graduation, Grant was blessed with the opportunity to work at small wineries with various winemakers all over California. Through his apprenticeships, he developed a deep understanding of distinctive California winemaking style. 

Along with sourcing fine wines from his favorite producers for Best Coast Wines, Grant continues to craft wines for friends and family (our 2011 Paso Robles Zinfandel is Grant’s latest release).  According to Grant, the best part of winemaking is ‘producing and sharing a delicious and meaningful wine with family, old friends, and new friends that we are meeting every day.'


Nick Sainati // Sommelier + Head of Sales

Nick grew up in downtown Chicago and moved to sunny California as soon as he could. Unfortunately, it was only after he moved that he learned that San Francisco is mostly foggy and grey. He ventured out to Napa and Sonoma in search of sunshine, but instead returned with a passion for wine. After years of working in finance and earning an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management, Nick decided to combine his professional expertise with his love for Californian wine.  

Nick is a Certified Sommelier and is passionate about crafting versatile, food friendly wines for the table. 

To see some of Nick's favorite recipes to pair with our wines, come visit our recipe collection.