Wine in Kegs – A Custom Winemaking case study

Can we craft custom wines in kegs?  Of course! 

We love sharing our Eight Sides wine with our friends, family and customers in bottles.  I’d like to tell a story that highlights the types of custom projects that we can execute, to make our client’s winemaking dream a reality.

Our very first of many kegs of custom wine!

Our very first of many kegs of custom wine!

The beverage director of a top quality restaurant group in Hong Kong approached Best Coast Wines with the vision to bring the wine on tap trend to Hong Kong.  At the time, no one had ever imported kegs of wine into Hong Kong, but Best Coast Wines was up to the challenge of realizing our client’s bold vision.

First, our winemaker Grant Ebert collaborated with our client to sketch out ideas for the custom wine blend.  Our client was seeking a food friendly varietal wine that would be fruit forward, with moderate acidity, and could be served at a slightly chilled temperature (which is generally recommended for wines on tap).  Grant then contacted several of our partner wineries to collect samples and blends that would fit our client’s vision for the perfect wine on tap.  We then shipped the samples to our client to choose his ideal wine for his program. 

With the perfect wine was selected (a Paso Robles Zinfandel, with a touch of Syrah and Petit Sirah), we coordinated the logistics to package the wines in 20 liter recyclable plastic Petainer kegs, and prepared the wines for export to Hong Kong.  Within 100 days of choosing his wine, our partner had his custom Paso Robles Zinfandel on tap at his restaurants and retail spaces halfway across the globe.  A satisfied customer, he has since ordered 3 more custom wines in kegs from Best Coast Wines, as well as providing a referral to another top level sommelier in Hong Kong with similar aspirations to serve custom fine California wines on tap.