Paso Robles - The Word Is Out

Halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles lies the new powerhouse in California wine. Paso Robles has recently received world wide recognition as a super premium grape growing appellation. It continues to grow and impress. The vast and varied landscape is home to warm sun drenched vineyards and rockstar cowboy winemakers.

The grasslands of east Paso Robles

The flat warm grasslands to the east of highway 101 is known for its Bordeaux varietals such Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. Ultra ripe flavors and intense fruit forward wines can be found all over this area.

The mountains of west Paso Robles

The mountains of west Paso Robles


The ragged mountains of the west side of Paso Robles are blessed with pockets of limestone rich soils and numerous micro-climates cooling of the pacific ocean.  Known as the Templeton Gap, this break in the mountains allows the ocean air to moderate temperatures in the dead heat of the California summer. Planted in the right nook, the west side can host almost any varietal. Zinfandel is the main player along with Syrah and other Rhone varietals. Paso Robles optimal location allows for warm days and cool nights. This lengthens the grape growing season and extends what is known as the “hang time” of the clusters, or the time that the grapes spend on-vine. The warm days create ripe flavors while the cool night keeps the acidity of the fruit in line.

The beautiful landscape, the delicious wines, and the friendly, welcoming people make Paso Robles an amazing place to visit. Its no surprise the press has gone crazy over Paso wines.   

- Grant

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