Why I love wine

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In my opinion, if you bottle up the essence of a place, that essence would be its wine.  Wine is bottled geography, bottled sunshine and rain, bottled landscapes; wine is bottled culture.  Without ever setting foot in a faraway land, you can experience some of its wonders through its wines.

I first fell in love with wine as an exchange student living in Paris during college.  I loved to visit my local Monoprix store and peruse the wine section.  The store features wines from all corners of the world, from Bordeaux, Bourgogne, Provence, Cotes-du-Rhone, Chanpagne; but also from Italy, Australia, and California.  Without ever leaving my apartment in Paris, I could travel the world through these wines.

Many years later, when Grant and I decided to start Best Coast Wines, my early experiences with wine have greatly influenced our company’s mission, to bring the finest examples of California wines to the world, and to allow our customers to experience California through our wines.