Zinfandel - The Most American of the Grapes

Hello friends, today I want to share a brief story on Zinfandel, and why it's our favorite grape at Best Coast Wines.

As the title gives away, we love Zinfandel because is arguably the ONLY grape out there that we Americans can claim as our own.  This is a distinctly American grape, related to the Italian grape Primitivo, and thought to have arrived in America via Croatian or Italian vintners in the mid-1800s.  It is likely that early US winemakers, among them many Italian immigrants, appreciated the rustic, fruit forward, brightly acidic and approachable wines, reminiscent of wines from the old country. A perfect complement to a home-cooked meal.  

Today, Zinfandel vines comprise up to 10% of the vinifera vines in California, though at least 85% of this production is funneled into White Zinfandel production, the off-dry rose table wine widely consumed and often derided in the US.  

But fear not!  The best Zinfandel grapes go into the red version, the true Zinfandel, the wine we should all be proud of. 

Zinfandel can be an gregarious red wine, bursting with red fruit flavors (cherry, raspberry, strawberry, cassis).  The best examples of Zinfandel temper these big flavors with brambly, earthy notes, and bright, food-friendly acidity.  Zinfandel is often bolstered with Petite Sirah, another uniquely Californian varietal, which contributes tannic structure and a deeper color to the exuberant Zinfandel.  

It is no accident we chose Zinfandel as one of our first two wines to release under our proprietary label, Eight Sides.  Our Zinfandel is a distinctly Californian wine, and we are proud to offer it to our friends, families, and of course, our customers. 

In the next few weeks, we will launch our online store, where you can pick up a few bottles to try for yourself!