Creating a Signature Wine Blend for your Restaurant

A free eBook from Best Coast Wines

A perfect pairing, every time...

A perfect pairing, every time...

Best Coast Wines would like to offer you a free eBook on how to create a custom, signature wine for your restaurant.  

House wine is often the cheapest glass of wine on the menu, the default for a customer who wants a decent glass of wine but doesn’t care what it is.  This is not usually the most exciting part of a restaurant wine list, a segment where little emphasis has traditionally been placed. 

What if you could design a house wine for your restaurant that was inexpensive but also a perfect match for your cooking? 

Imagine for a moment the rich opportunity to improve the guest experience by providing a distinctive glass of wine that is a wonderful pairing and an excellent value.  What if that excellent value wine had your restaurant’s name and branding on the bottle?  What if that inexpensive glass was also your highest margin glass pour?  Pretty compelling, right?

In this free guidebook, we share tips on how to:

  • Define your house style and compose the perfect wine blend
  • Locate ideal winery partners and source the right wines
  • Package and serve your signature house wines to surprise and delight your customers


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